Northern Indiana Repeater Group

K9DEW Wide Area Repeaters

Elkhart County, IN



144.390 MHz APRS I-Gate 

120' TX/RX


 145.430- MHz (PL141.3)


EchoLink Node 884791

LIVE Broadcastify

360' TX/RX


146.640- MHz (PL141.3)

 EchoLink Node 645025 
 160' TX 320' RX
 224.900- MHz (PL131.8)
 390' TX/RX
 444.050+ MHz CC1 
 DMR Network
 320' TX/RX

St. Joseph County, IN



147.330+ MHz (PL131.8)

615' TX/RX


Kosciusko County, IN



146.985- MHz (PL141.3)

IRLP Node 4098

300' TX 400'RX


443.050+ MHz (PL141.3)

350' TX/RX









Guidelines and Rules

#1 Always ID according to the FCC regulations.

#2 Avoid lengthy conversations if necessary please at least pulse for a moment throughout your conversation. This allows other traffic or important information to take place.

#3 Discussion about modifications to ham equipment outside FCC regulations and Citizens Band "CB" lingo is frowned upon.

#4 Absolutely NO obscenity, indecency or profanity at any time. 

#5 Causing intentional interference, to the repeater, or conversations on the repeater are UNACCEPTABLE. 

#6 Selling other items OTHER than ham related equipment is PROHIBITED.

Obviously selling any ham equipment is allowed as long as it’s not done on a regular basis as a business. Conversations dealing with advertising, general items for sale or selling non-ham related equipment are absolutely UNACCEPTABLE on the repeaters and will not be tolerated.

#7 Always remember you never know who may be listening no matter what time of day.  So, it's extremely important to conduct yourself in a professional manner. 


All repeaters have guidelines and rules. These rules often go beyond Part 97. And, users who refuse to comply with the repeater’s rules can be told to stop using the repeaters. This is entirely at the judgment of the repeater trustees.

Rule 97.205(e) says, “…Limiting the use of a repeater to only certain user stations is permissible.” There are no qualifications – ifs, and's, or buts – to this rule. This isn’t just the right to close a repeater. In fact, the ARRL says, “…a repeater does not have to be listed as being “closed” in order to have a limited access.” (Source: The ARRL’s FCC Rule Book) The terms “open” and “closed” don’t appear in the regulations at all! Listing a repeater as “open” means you don’t have to be a member in order to use it. 

“A repeater is not a public utility - you don’t have a “right” to use it! When you are using someone else’s repeater you are, in effect, a visitor in the owner’s station. So, you should conduct yourself accordingly. If you use that station in a manner that the owner finds objectionable, that person has every right to revoke your privilege of using it!”(Source: The ARRL’s FCC Rule Book)

The FCC supports a trustee’s right to control the use of their repeaters.

For any reason, you may disagree with these policies I encourage you to contact me immediately.  

Thank you,


Privacy Notice: All of the NIRG repeaters are recorded and logged for administrated purposes.

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