Northern Indiana Repeater Group

K9DEW Wide Area Repeaters

Elkhart County, IN

(K9DEW, K9DEW-1)

144.390 MHz APRS I-Gate 


 145.430- MHz (141.3)


146.640- MHz (PL141.3)

 EchoLink Node 645025 
 224.900- MHz (131.8)
 444.050+ MHz (CC 1) DMR
 Indiana Statewide Linked
 w/ AUXCOM region 5


St. Joseph County, IN


147.330+ MHz (PL131.8)


442.050+ MHz (CC 1) DMR

Indiana Statewide Linked

w/ AUXCOM region 5


Kosciusko County, IN


146.985- MHz (PL141.3)

IRLP Node 4098


443.050+ MHz (PL141.3)

C4FM Auto/Auto











Welcome to Northern Indiana's most covered Amateur repeater network.

With hard work and dedication, Northern Indiana has eight very diversified amateur repeaters and one APRS gateway to be a part of your next adventure.

You'll find these repeaters provide amazing coverage, reliable service and some of the newest digital technology known as Mototrbo DMR & System Fusion communications. 


Improvements are always on the horizon, so be sure to view Changes / Recent News. I'd like to thank you for visiting and hope your experience is exceptional as the repeaters themselves. 

"Northern Indiana Repeater Group is devoted to providing an infrastructure that's continuously improving, consistent and reliable in Amateur Communications."


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